Everyone should flaunt dresses this summer

Everyone should flaunt dresses this summer



Finding difficult to beat the heat on this summer season , try out the vibrant dresses which are more comfortable then they look .

Ladies and fashion are synonym of each other . Change in life style has brought a great change in fashion too . These days main focus of designers is on the comfort wearing and fusion dresses to make these dresses more interesting . These days designers have focussed their attention on the fusion dresses i.e. indo-western dresses . The best amongst these dresses are maxiee gowns , meddies , skirts long as well as short , trousers plazzos and many more . Generally find long maziee dresses very comfortable , glamorous and quick fit . One can wear it any time and anywhere .  These can be made more interesting by wearing these with shrugs , jackets , strolls , scarfs , and long slitted dresses with skirts , plazzos and trousers.

Colours may be just a 7-letter word but it has a lot of influence on each of our lives and mostly our appearances. Colours have a special significance in the fashion trends every season, and the must-have hues for Spring-Summer 2017 are pop colours that are here to brighten up your wardrobe! Wearing pop colours can do wonders to one’s skin tone, hair colour and complement their personality in a positive way. We know black is an undisputed ruling wardrobe staple but adding colours every now and then to your outfits sparks just the right amount of spice and breaks the monotony. Here are a few ways in which you can wear the most vibrant colours this season and unleash your boho spirit in style!

Dresses are an all-time favourite for fashion-conscious women, no matter the season, and what better than flowing maxi dresses as a way of adding vibrant vibes to your closet! These not only give you total comfort but also are a perfect way to make a style statement wherever you go – from Sunday brunches to movie dates. Tribal and Aztec printed flowing maxi dresses look best in pop colours like turquoise, fuchsia, orange etc. You can accessorize the look with a statement necklace, colour blocked sandals and a fringe bag. Don this look if you are in for a long day at a music festival and don’t want to compromise on the comfort as well as style.

The season of our warm-weather-staple, short dresses is finally here! Irrespective of your body shape, fall in love with your body this season and don’t be scared to show off some legs in shorts of all styles. Dare to bare and let those legs get some of the well-deserved summer sun.. They definitely need a place in your wardrobe ASAP (if they already don’t)

If you’re counting down the days until you jet off to an exotic destination for your next vacation and can’t wait to whip out that suitcase, we’ve rounded up the most gorgeous outfit inspirations from our favourite fashion influencers, saving you any trouble you might encounter when packing. Look glam on your next vacation.

Indian Fashion industry has gone through various changes in haute couture and certainly achieved great milestones. With the influence of western culture, we are way past the era of wearing only ‘OUR’ traditional outfits and have happily embraced the western styles of dressing. From the ‘Angrezi’ people we have now introduced beautiful dresses, gowns and what not.

If dressing up is your style mantra and you love reading about fashion, let’s perhaps talk about every piece of dress that you have ever come across or adorned on an evening party.

Choose the best from fashion world that will suit your wordrobe.

To me clothing is a form of self expression . thre are always hints about who you are in what you wear.

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