flabbergast everybody with the ethnic wear kurta and kurti this monsoon.

flabbergast everybody with the ethnic wear kurta and kurti this monsoon.

The kurta and kurtis has jumped the Indian borders with its vast variety . , and has grown up and competing with the ever changing demands in fashion industry. Salwar or Churidar and Dupatta paired with along top  generally of knee length is what comprises the Salwar -Kurti- Dupatta get-up..salwar and churidar adds on to the style. Shop the collection of our party wear kurtis

From its existence to now in 2017 , the kurta was very common among men and women living in countries like india , Bangladesh , srilanka ,Pakistan . when it came into existence it was worn only by men of these countries but after some years it became more of a fashion for women for which it has its own term , more of feminine known as kurti

 when we look back to 19th century , the kurtis scored its popularity as several scholars , artists and poets were famous for donning this piece of clothing . other than the various styles and forms found today , this Indian kurti back was usually very simple with barely any elaborate designs. The most common fabric used to make it was cotton , silk and was only used to make kurtas for special occasions and for people which stand high in ranking and social status.

One of the most important fact about the kurti is that it was not cultural or state or regional biased , unlike other dress forms that Have a set identity. This form was a common form of attire followed by people living in all kinds of region.

Adding more to this historican form of clothing , the hippie movement during the 1960’s and 1970’ also gave this marvelous dress form immense popularity as people wore these loose and comfortable pieces as reflecting their carefree and laid back attitude.

There are different types of kurti for eg.

  1. Tail cut kurti
  2. A line kurti
  3. Trail cut kurti
  4. Anarkali kurti
  5. Angrakha kurti
  6. Dhoti sytle kurti
  7. Flared kurti
  8. Indo western style kurti
  9. Long straight kurti
  10. Pakistani kurti

and many more..

When someone thinks of the kurti , one always thinks about comfort . this factor is the most factor in kurtis popularity that is its comfort.

Kurti is versatile in nature as they can be made in order to adapt to any season or occasion . as we know the red hot weather of india , summers are always harsh in india , cotton kurtis are in everyone’s to get and wear list due to its effortless style and comfot level and in a similar way woolen kurtas are also worn during winters

Most of the womens wear a kurti with a fitted churidar or salvar for a traditional look or with jeans for an indo – western look .

On the other hand man wear a kurta with pajama to gain a classic look

When we think of designs , embellishments and fabrics that go into the making of  a kurta , there s no end to its variety , we have kurtas in all kinds of styles , varying from short to long , from hand printed ones to extremely embellished ones . there is a kurti or kurta for every event  , whether one wants to go  for a heavily embroidered kurta or a casual one with solid colors or prints, there is definitely a piece available for every person.

As we know this is an era of creative people and advancement in technology in fashion industry.

Now a days one can make their own design to boutique specialist and make their own likes kurta or kurtis . in short they can customize design at their own will. As we are in era of changing trends earlier kurtis were were worn over an Indian trouser called pajama but these days some people or our generation people  wear this with jeans and leggings .

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