style with indian art , embroidery purses is all you need.

style with indian art , embroidery purses is all you need.

A few years ago it was all about knitting. ‘Stitch and bitch’ groups were cropping up all over the US and the UK, Rachel Matthews and her Cast Off clan were knitting on London’s tubes and getting thrown out of the Savoy, and celebrities were all too eager to confess to the glossies about their love of all things yarn-related.

This year, while knitting is still massively popular, sewing has become the next big craft thing. We’ve all read the news reports about rising sales of sewing machines and sewing classes, and have seen Gok Wan cut and stitch his high-street bargains to compete with designer frocks on Channel 4.

But making your own clothes and the odd cushion cover isn’t the only decent thing you can do with a needle and thread. While no one was looking, embroidery, cross stitch and needlepoint got good. Among many, many others, there’s Julie Jackson and her subversive cross stitch (who can resist traditionally designed samplers that scream “chill the fuck out” and “homo sweet homo”?), Emily Peacock and her beautiful tapestry kits, and CrossStitcher magazine which, although still pretty traditional, is planning collaborations with the likes of Laura Ashley and publishes a Stitch a Star design each issue (we featured their Obama sampler back in January).

Inspired by all that, I wanted to venture back into embroidery (previous forays, aged 11, were not all successful). I didn’t fancy making something I couldn’t use, such as a sampler, so happened upon the idea of using a hessian bag bought from a supermarket as a base for my embroidered designs (the weave is similar to that of aida, a fabric used in cross-stitch).

Flowers seemed particularly fitting, as the Chelsea Flower Show opens today, but you can use their stitches on any design you want – I reckon simple lines of different stitches would look really good. And don’t fret if you mess up a stitch – it took me several attempts to get the chain stitch right. Just unpick it and start again.

Embroidery purses give you a look that a another thing cant give you. It give a indian spark , a shine . special thing about these bags is you can have any design  according to your outfit . you can have a bag or a hand bag or a hand purse.

these is specially liked by those people who like colors and its mixtures . this art comes from core of india that is gujrat and rajasthan . these are best suited with kurtis and suits .

most of the times its been seen that flowers are the most trusted design as with flowers come the colors every type of flower can be embroidered on it. it look so elegant and beautiful that it is acceptable at any part of the world. stitches are of various type like fern stitch , french stitch , back stitch , chain stitch. stitching is done soo beautifully that essence of what ever is embroidered is felt by nose in real time. m i saying more , trust me , try the collection and then urself see the effect.


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