thrill your tired and boring life with ruffles and frills

thrill your tired and boring life with ruffles and frills

Ruffles and frills are out in full force for springs this year . These are used for decorating neck lines skirts , blouses and even jackets . Bold ruffle front dress can be worn with jeans , a frilled off shoulder top can be worn even with a saree , most of the evening gowns are now adorned with frills and ruffle.

The ruffle’s watershed moment in pop culture likely occurred when Jerry Seinfeld, the founding father of normcore, debuted his ostentatious “puffy shirt” on national television to great LOLs and general SMHs (for the record it was a poet blouse, and it was amazing). Outside of that, the ruffle’s claim to fame has pretty much been its association with 17th Century portraits of aristocrats being eaten alive by oversized collars. And yet, it’s managed to stick around—for the last 600 years, in fact, and reaching a fever pitch once again for Spring 2016 as one of the biggest trends of the season.

The ruffle’s ability to adapt lies in its inherent simplicity. At the end of the day, it’s really just a wrinkled piece of cloth. It is precisely this ease of imitation that has allowed the ruffle to stand the test of time and survive the ravages of ever-changing fashions. Rich people’s enjoyment of looking like giant, over-iced cakes obviously helped too, however, the origin of the ruffle was actually a lot more humble than such a preference might suggest.

So where did it come from? Who was all up in its business? How can Marie Antoinette, flamenco dancers, an infamous shirt from a nineties sitcom, and Spring 2016’s most prevalent trend all share an affinity for the same undulating piece of cloth? Join us, It started with flutter sleeves. Then graduated to peplums. Now, ruffles are out in full force for Spring 2017. Ruffles were one of the key trends at fashion month, decorating necklines, skirts, blouses and even jackets. There were flouncy frills aplenty at shows like House of Holland, Michael Kors and Mulberry.
If you’re used to a streamlined silhouette, take note: A well-placed ruffle can do the job of statement jewelry, a good handbag or major shoes. Whether you opt for a bold ruffle-front dress worn with jeans as seen above, a frilled off-the-shoulder top, or a delicately layered feminine dress, there’s a ruffled look for everyone.
One of my first fully formed memories has to do with me—age five—and a dress. Particularly, a pink rough-silk party dress with giant layers of ruffles around the shoulders my mom had bought me for, well, parties until I insisted on wearing it to school.

Normally, it was reserved for special occasions, but I clearly was of the mind—even then—that pretty things shouldn’t sit in a closet waiting for a fabulous, exciting place to be worn (also known as Grandma Helen’s Passover seder, but whatever). The point is, I wore that pink dress to preschool twice a week—with cowboy boots, with sneakers, with moccasins—and I still, decades later, cannot resist the pull of a good ruffle.

Lucky for me, then, that the historically childlike detail has gotten a high-fashion makeover during the last couple of seasons, with designers such as Miu Miu, Marni, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Simone Rocha, and others showing pieces with exaggerated ruffles, voluminous frills, and structured flounce.

Of course, what goes up must come down, and you can’t walk past an H&M or Zara, or sign onto sites like Loéil, Shopbop, or Nasty Gal without seeing scores of ruffles—on sleeves, on skirts, on dresses, even on shoes

The trick to pulling off flounce and looking like an adult: Make the ruffle the focal point of your outfit, and make sure it’s dramatic and structured—a high-style signature—as opposed to a bunch of limp, half-assed frills, which can look cheap and indecisive.

Ahead, check out outfit inspiration and shop the season’s most affordable ruffled pieces!

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